Three projects I've enjoyed working on.


Artificial Neural Networks From Scratch

As an attempt to democratise machine learning within the creative community I wrote a 3-part article on building an artificial neural network from scratch.

Plants Learn to Speak, Because Money Talks

Along with a few colleagues I developed a decentralised application built on Ethereum. It aims to create a self-regulating financial system for nature to incentivise mankind to harvest sustainably.

Custom Orthotic Insole

Pheet is a software prood-of-concept that seamlessly combines the diagnosis, design and manufacture of custom insole. It's a research paper I wrote at the University College London.

Working at the intersection of science, software and creativity.

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Charles Fried

Charles Fried is a technologist and blockchain enthusiast. With a background in digital fabrication, he is most interested in the role disruptive technologies play in entrepreneurship, finance, and investment.

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